Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When thinking about Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics it makes me think of how important this career cluster is to our economy. In what way do you think the cluster contributes to/effects our nation's economy? Please describe your two careers in this cluster first. How do you think each of your two careers in this cluster contribute to/effect our nation's economy? How does this cluster contribute to/effect the other clusters you have completed research in?

i think they help when we buy things online when we talk to other people. it affects how things travel and how we travel as well. my career is  a traffic technician. they conduct field studies determine traffic volume speed effectiveness or signals and adequacy of lighting other factors influencing traffic conditions under direction of traffic.  I think this effects the economy because it effects how we travel. we travel for everything. we travel for work, school, to visit family, for vactation, to get food, and any more.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Recently I have been asking my students to make connections between their personal lives/chosen careers and those careers they choose to research in class. I ask them to to think about how semi-random research can be tied to meaning for them, personally. This week, among other things, we have researched two careers in the Government and Public Administration cluster. I would like to know why students chose to research the careers they did and how they "connect" to their own chosen career.

I chose two careers from Government and Public Administration they were a coroner and tax prepares. i chose tax prepares more on a personal than related to my chosen career. My grandmother does this kind of things at her job. she works very hard and works a lot of long hour on taxes. It also has some similarities to my chosen career like you need to be organized also you need stress tolerance. My other career is a coroner I chose this job mostly because I think it would me interesting. the main similarity to my chosen career and a coroner is that they both need to know psychology.